Friday, May 30, 2014

Buddy the Buff Silkie Rooster in Glorious Color!

Well, I figured I'd liven things up a bit by trying to use colored pencils when sketching the chickens today.

I chose to sketch Buddy because he's got great color (we think he looks like a glam rocker from the 80s!).

He doesn't stand very still, however, so I had to sketch a bit, and then walk around to the same angle I had on him before he'd move, and sketch a bit more. Move and sketch, move and sketch. I'm sure if he knew what I was doing, he'd pose for me. He's got quite an ego, you know...!

I also took a quick pencil to the dust bath hen pile that was going on at the edge of the yard. The ladies love to lounge in the dirt, especially on a nice day or after the sun comes out after the rain, like today.
It's fun to draw this subject, because the line and shape are so jumbled and visually interesting. It makes your hand move quickly, too, and you have to express more than you record, so to speak.

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