Friday, May 16, 2014

An Idea, Hatched.

So I've got 15 chickens. And four ducks.
So I have to free range them everyday.
And I'm an artist. I should make it a habit to sketch more...
HEY, why don't I sketch them while they're free ranging, socializing, dust bathing, etc.?
I would do a regular posting of my "Chicken Scratches," the daily sketches I do of my chickens and ducks, as we go through life together, winging it and putting it all on my bill...
My very first "chicken scratch," a life sketch attempt of our pullets while they were dust bathing...

A watercolor of a silkie for my wife on our 12th anniversary...

Did I mention we have duck? They're "runner" ducks. They stand upright and run rather than waddle.

 "Buddy," one of two of our Silkie roosters... (I should do a color sketch of him. He's buff and black and gold...quite a handsome dude).
"Pepper" and "Rainbow" 
Runner Ducks can sit funny as well as lie down like regular ducks... the chicken sketch is of "Penny," our little hatchling of six weeks ago, a Delaware.

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