Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fairy House!

Well, we must have put some good improvements into our back yard, because we suddenly noticed a fairy house in the back, near the fence.
Actually, it was the latest creation of Kate, our youngest (nearing 8). She made the house with almost no supervision (super genius)!

This place not only has location, it has a new fence, a stone walk way, a nice deck on the roof, and a cute little mossy hill.

(I wonder, if more fairies move in and build houses, they'll suddenly make a fairy HOA?)...

Kate just added two signs, letting all in the fairy world know that there's a great new house for sale in a great neighborhood... (the one on the fence reads, "for sale mansion.")
& here's a sign a few yards away, pointing "down the street" to the fairy house:

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