Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Videos-- Penny for your Dreams, and Mr. Peeps Comes of Age

Penny, our Delaware pullet, was sun bathing today, with her neck feathers all poofed out, and I had to get a video of it:

Then, I was watching the ducks and chickens free range,minding my own business when, to my left, a ruckus was occurring only inches away.
When I looked to see what the fuss was about, I saw Peeps and Buddy squaring off:
Buddy was chased off, Peeps turned around and I turned my camera off. IMMEDIATELY after that, I had to turn it back on again, because Oreo came up and it was on again, like a gang scene out of a 50s musical.
Oreo and Peeps face off, but with comic results:
Peeps, our cockerel Delaware shown in the videos, has been coming of age lately.
He crowed for the first time three days ago, and his feathers are really starting to mature. I can imagine that in a few short weeks, he'll be the proverbial cock of the walk...


  1. Thanks for sharing! My daughter and I got a kick out of poor Oreo's poor range of vision. Maybe he needs a scrunchie?

  2. Excellent idea!
    You should patent that-- the Silkie Scrunchie...
    Yeah, it was funny how Oreo was looking around stunned, and Peeps was behind him, waiting like a gentleman, probably thinking, "Awkward..." or "What's up with THIS guy?!"